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I introduce you:

The Museum of Mr. Gabriel Marques - Video Art Exhibition

by Mr.GM Studio

HAPPY BDAY GWEN!! =) by Mr. Gabriel Marques


you: What day is it?

us: It’s October 3rd.

In honor of October 3rd, our own anniewerner is hosting an art show over at onoctober3rd. If you’ve ever made Mean Girls art, that’s the place to put it, and today’s the day to submit it. 

Wanna know more? We’ll let HuffPo explain it. Art via ghostvintageclothing, eatyourkidsillustration, and bmeeker 

loved this like i love the movie <3

Portrait of super model Gisele Bundchen by Mr. Gabriel Marques - Inspired by photography of Mario Testino.
Poster for my new video: Museum of Mr. Gabriel Marques#comingsoon
Fan Art poster for the movie Horns with Daniel Radcliffe by Mr. Gabriel Marques
Illustration of The Spice Girls - by Mr. Gabriel Marques#spicegirlsforever
Work in Progress of my painting of The Spice Girls &lt;3 - by Mr. Gabriel Marques
I&#8217;m a big fan of the tv show Face Off on SyFy, and yesterday I took my time to paint this beautiful make up created by the contestant Sasha Glasser on the third episode of the seventh season. The challenge was to create Ancient Aliens and this one inspired me to transform into a painting. This is some of the process.Painted with watercolor and acrylic ink by Mr. Gabriel Marques.
Illustration of Lady Gaga as Bertha - by Mr. Gabriel Marques
Bertha is the character that Lady Gaga plays in the new movie of Sin City: A dame to kill for!Cannot wait to watch it! :)