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Bianca del Rio illustrated by Mr. Gabriel Marques.Face inspired by photography of Fausto Fernós.
Collection of sketches of Drag Queens from RuPauls Drag Race season 6 by Mr. Gabriel Marques - Teses illustration are hand drawn and colored on Photoshop. More queens still to come <3
My friend Josh Anton made this beautiful Photography of April Carrion and inspired me to create the illustration of April for my collection. Thanks Josh for being so sweet.
Inspiration and Work In Progress of Adore Delano by Mr. Gabriel Marques
Sweet Adore Delano illustrated by Mr. Gabriel Marques - This illustration is based on a random photography I found online ( even though I looked for credits for the photographer it seemed like a home made picture of Adore so I have no idea who took the picture) and then I added the teal hair and the design behind it.
Work in Progress while drawing April Carrion. - by Mr. Gabriel Marques
Illustration of Miss April Carrion by Mr. Gabriel Marques - Inspired by the photography of Josh Anton ( Jose Antonio Lugo ) 
My illustration of Milk while in Progress. I added the color on Photoshop, but the entire illustration is handmade on paper, than scanned and added the colors digitally. 
Illustration of Milk on RuPauls DRag Race season 6. First for my Drag QUeens Collection. More to come.Illustration featured on Illustration inspired by original Photography by @glamgender (instagram)
Illustration of RuPaul I worked on awhile ago and just posting now. by Mr.GMFeatured on 
Illustration inspired by photography of Mathu Andersen